Code of conduct

Welcome to Canada’s rare breed poultry auction site! This is built for Canadian new breeders and old fanciers as a cost effective way to reach a larger audience. We ask that you keep it a fun atmosphere. Just a few things you should know.

1. By signing up you agree to follow the rules and behave appropriately.

2. Ask questions before you buy. Not after. If it don’t seem right, don’t do it.

3. Please make an honest representation of your stock and include photos of parent birds, eggs, postal code and preferred airport that you ship chicks from, and link your website if possible.

4. If you’ve tested your birds for salmonella etc. Great job! Go ahead and brag about it!

5. If you win the auction you are legally bound to pay for item.

6. You may not use manipulative practices to raise your items price or suppress the auctions of others.

7. To keep management costs low we will not respond to problems relating to bird type or misrepresented stock unless you have an official chicken police badge and honorary degree from an accredited university.

8. In order to properly preserve genetics of standard bred poultry I’d suggest having proper documentation from organizations and imports.

9. We offer no guarantee of your purchases. It’s best to have written communication. We only provide sellers and buyers the means to facilitate. Please do not email us with payments or for collections.

10. A percentage of what we earn from this website through sponsors, fees, and listings are donated to charitable causes without compromising your information. We do not sell or distribute your personal information to third parties. And you aren’t supporting a large corporate structure like Facebook.